I am a Software Engineer focused on ML and feature innovation with a talent for data visualisation
, a UX and UI specialist with focus on composite interactive interfaces
,a Computer Graphics Programming specialist
Ayman Chit
+961 71 14 99 33
Easy - no programming skill required - CMS builder that outputs JSON, handles images and files, gives AngularJS all the resources it needs
product 3lief platform
feats Database as a service, Encryption & Statistics Visualization
status pre-beta version 0.7
url www.3lief.com
public avail. requires account
account creation Not Available
Brings all the news you might want to read from sources all over the web. jumbles them together and filters out a list of personalized articles based on your setup and interactions, as well as daily and weekly stories clusters
product hypegram
feats RSS reader, Article Clustering, Personalized feeds and social interactions
status closed beta version 1.0
url www.hypegram.com
public avail. public beta
IOS endless 3D runner game, based on a hopping bird avoiding crystals and ramming into mushrooms, zazzy graphics and spacy music makes it unique among it’s kind
product PyroBird : Once Upon A Crystal Planet
feats OpenGLES2.0 based IOS game using a custom 3d rendering and animation engine
status pre beta version 0.6
gameplay youtube video
url not available in appstore yet